Winpips' Philosophy


“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, then you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

“Simplicity is the trademark of genius” – Robin Sharma



Winpips’ Philosophy

Winpips’ vision is to provide the ultimate combination between,
» Continuously innovative technology 
» Trading in the financial markets 
» Gaining from social networking 
» Being a part of something BIG!
» Money making machine 
Winpips’ founders realized that it has been 15 years since the internet has started to rule the world. Everything is done through the internet; networking, shopping and even trading in the global market. This means that you are only a click away from being an active part of the ‘real’ action. The only difficulty you are faced with is the lack of knowledge and understanding of how and what the financial markets are.
20 years ago everyone dreamed of being a lawyer in order to be successful.
10 years ago everyone has thrived to be in the high-tech industry in order to be successful.
A recent study shows that nowadays the dream job is to be a trader in the financial markets.
In order to trade the financial markets, one needs to have the know-how of:
Fundamental: interest rates, inflation / recession, unemployment, GDP, exchange rates, quantitative easing, etc.
Geopolitical: tension between countries, war, elections, natural hazards, etc.
Technical: technical analysis (charts), the recurring patterns following similar historical events,
Japanese candlesticks, Fibonacci, RSI, Stochastic, Bollinger bands, technical trading patterns, etc.
All the degrees and practice you can get on the financial markets are not enough when you are faced with the continuously changing world that is always one step ahead of you.
Therefore, Winpips is the perfect solution for both the experienced and the novice trader! 
 Winpips’ algorithmic calculation is based on the following trinity combination:
» Ongoing analysis updates from the biggest banks/ prime brokers
(e.g. Barclays bank, Deutsche bank, bank of America, citi bank, JP Morgan, Emirates NBD, HSBC, Goldman sachs, UBS, RBS, Morgan Stanley , etc)
» Generate data from more than 4500 of the biggest and most important economical websites and news providers 
(e.g. Bloomberg, Reuters, BBC, Financial Times, Guardian, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, etc.)
» Winpips’ team of highly qualified and experienced (over 15years) analysts that analyse the necessary know-how of the fundamental, geopolitical and technical data.

This combination results in the most ultimate, accurate and success-oriented trading signals!

The amazing aggregation executed by Winpips’ cutting-edge algorithm is what allows YOU and EVERYONE in the world to be a part of the financial markets’ success, one click away.
Winpips offers you: 
To subscribe to the APP and enjoy signals with an accuracy of 82.7%
To work with one of our selected, licensed brokers who are authorized to provide the option of
» Taking signals with Auto Execution 
» Taking signals with Semi-Auto Execution
* The type of Execution depends on the license and authorization of the broker.