Winpips Partnership

Working too hard but it still doesn’t seem to be enough?
Is working too hard standing in the way of fulfilling your true potential? 
Is the fast growing and developing world making you feel left out, like you are not part of the ‘action’?
Is it possible to make money, have fun and be a part of something BIG at the same time?
It’s all about recognizing the opportunities that life presents to us.
Sure you don’t believe it right now, but not because it’s impossible, but because you have never been offered something like this before.
We turn geopolitical and economical events into people’s happiness using the best, innovative and cutting edge technology.
Winpips is recruiting partners to join our growing, global success.

How it works:

Everyone dreams of being their own boss; to work whenever and wherever we want.
Winpips offers you the opportunity to finally be able to make money from home, your favorite coffee shop, at the bank, park or even at your daily job.
We created a series of apps using complex algorithms that produce signals with high potential and have a success rate of at least 82.7% by gathering geopolitical, fundamental and technical events from all around the globe, more than 4500 leading economical sites and data from the best analysts of the biggest and most highly rated banks such as: Barclays bank, Deutsche bank, HSBC, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Citi bank and many more.
(To learn more about Winpips’ Philosophy, click here)
Everyone can make money; it doesn’t matter whether you understand the markets or don’t.
We offer you the most precious diamond in the market, all you have to do is show it to your friends and let them join the ultimate journey.


   Enjoy 0.00001 of a pip equivalent to 10% of a pip!!   ♣

» Example: lets say that you brought 8 followers, each one deposits $2000.
In a situation that we send minimum 4 signals a day, meanings a minimum of 88 trades per month,
ith a leverage of 1:50 (not risky) = $2000 x 50 = 100,000 volume/trade.
Total volume = 100,000 x 88 = 8,800,000  x 8 followers = 704,000,000 / 10,000 = $70,400. Commission for Winpips and 10% of that is YOURS= $ 704.
This example is at its simplest, when trading only based on the signals Winpips provides. So you could make much more  when calculating addition trades taken by your followers. Basically, the sky is NOT the limit.
This is the ultimate ”Everybody Wins” scenario!! 
Now you don’t just earn from the accurate trading signals, but in addition, you also earn from your followers’ success.
You can bring as many friends as you want, and you can start making more money right now!
Share your success with your friends, and they will surely want to join.
Send an email to signals@winpips.com with the full name of your followers to insure they will be assigned to you.
*** The calculation and payment is done every quarter. ***
To understand more about calculating   Pips & Leverage, click here.