Know Your Broker

Winpips is not a broker!

After many years of experience with brokers and brokerage firms from all over the world, Winpips learned to recognize and differentiate between the brokers and the client’s needs.

There is a fine line between what you expect to achieve when building a relationship with a broker/brokerage and what the broker can truly offer you. Note that the right choice of a broker/brokerage firm has a crucial influence on your trading experience.

Winpips helps you make informed choices about the brokers and brokerage firms – recommending those who have went through extensive due diligence. From checking whether a firm is registered, as required by law, to offer trading to licensing information and regulatory actions, complaints and withdrawals policies.

Many traders that are new to the trading world aren’t aware of the risks. They start working with brokers without the understanding of “What is the broker really offering me?” 

Wrongdoing by brokers and investment advisers is sadly a phenomenon; “attractive” leverage offers, unauthorized by law account activity, lack of professional knowledge of the broker, offering welcome bonuses, conflict of interest, etc.

» Have you ever heard of banks / prime brokers offering you a bonus?  

» Have you ever heard of banks / prime brokers offering you a leverage of 1:200 and even 1:400?! (Impossible!!!)

» Have you every heard of a bank / prime brokers not asking for your information (documentation, utility bills, etc.) before opening an account or before validating a transaction? 

» Have you ever heard of a bank / prime broker that is unauthorized or that is under no supervision?

Does that sound legit or professional to you?

The important parameters that Winpips checks for you about the brokers:

  • Ensuring coverage of transactions.
  • Recommendations from merchants.
  • Speedy withdrawals of funds for customers.
  • Registered and Regulated brokers with the necessary licensing.
  • Working with secure technology and platform to secure the clients details.
  • Willing to give Winpips members low leverage (The main attraction in this market!).
  • Willing to connect to our API technology for automated execution of the trading signals on their trading platform.

If you would like a personal introduction to our company and the brokers we work with, don’t hesitate to contact us.

!! Don’t be tempted to work with unregulated brokers/brokerage firms !! Always ask for proof of regulation of one of the following:

It is very important to know who you trust your money with and to conduct due diligence before putting your funds and trust with an unknown broker. Thorough research and closely monitoring your account is always a must!

That is what Winpips does for you!

Our highly recommended brokers: