About Us

Winpips Signals has developed a unique Financial Markets Trading Signals Service (APP) masterminded by major players in the banking system.
Our signals service consists of a manual trading strategy that we have successfully developed throughout our many years of trading experience.
We provide reliable trading signals, based on technical and fundamental analysis and unique arbitrage opportunities in the financial instruments.

Using years of knowledge and experience in the financial markets, Winpips offers its customers amazing market opportunities, Auto execution services and good customer relations.

Winpips signals:

  • 82.7% Winning Rate 
  • Cautious risk management 
  • A dedicated customer service
  • Majority focus on Forex trading (80%)
  • Forex signals  + Commodities + Stocks + CFD’s
  • Trade with the broker that best suits your requirements 
  • Arbitrage signals based on unique algorithms approved by MSTA
  • The only APP in the world that offers an Auto Execution / Semi-Auto Execution Service
  • Amazing opportunity to be a part of Winpips Social Networking and make an additional income.


Many of our members have achieved financial independence from the Forex market thanks to our unique and innovative algorithms.
We give our members, novice or experienced traders, the best chance of achieving success and building their wealth through our cutting-edge algorithms that have an accuracy of 82.7% in the forex market.

The forex industry can be a scary one, with vendors out to rip you off at every opportunity.
Winpips has done its own due diligence on each of the brokers it works with and we are happy to recommend them for your trading. Furthermore, we only recommend brokers that are regulated and obligated to process withdraws for clients at ANY time without questions.

The important parameters we check with a broker:

  • Ensuring coverage of transactions.
  • Recommendations from merchants.
  • Speedy withdrawals of funds for customers.
  • Registered and Regulated brokers with the necessary licensing.
  • Working with secure technology and platform to secure the clients details.
  • Willing to give Winpips members low leverage (The main attraction in this market!).
  • Willing to connect to our API technology for automated execution of the trading signals on their trading platform.

If you would like a personal introduction to our company and the brokers we work with, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Winpips invites you to download and follow the limited-time (14 days trial) free signals, providing you an idea of how our signals work making an additional income from the comfort of your own home, before accruing our premium services.

Working with one of our brokers will also allow you to AUTO EXECUTE / SEMI-AUTO EXECUTE the winning signals that are sent! Winpips is the first and only application to offers automatization services. This will allow you to not miss-out on our exclusive, highly-accurate signals and have your account take them automatically.

If you are already working with a broker and you are satisfied you can choose to only subscribe to the signals services, or open an account with one of the brokers we work with in order to enjoy the automated services.

Trade Smart with Winpips Signals, Your gateway to successful Online Trading!!!