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Cutting Edge Technology

Winpips brings a new, innovative and unique algorithm to the market that detects arbitrage opportunities between the biggest banks.

Furthermore, we are the first company that offers Auto execution/Semi-Auto execution, allowing you the chance to automatically take the trades based on our trading signals, at all time.

* Automated execution is under strict regulation of each licensed broker and country.

We are NOT a broker

Winpips works as the middle-man, connecting our clients with the best brokers out there.

We will help you make informed choices about the brokers; recommending only those who have went through extensive due diligence. From checking whether a firm is registered, as required by law, to offer trading to licensing information and regulatory actions, complaints and withdrawals policies. With Winpips you can put your mind at ease.

Pips Bring Friends

Following our signals and trading online is a great way to make another income whenever, wherever.

Winpips offers a new revolutionary view to the social network you already know.
Share the experience and success and bring your friends to join us as well!

Sharing is gaining!!

Earn extra on the pips your friends make.

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Watch our professional webinars


I’m 34 years old, graduate of  Masters in Business Administration, working in a private hedge fund in the city of London. I reached WINPIPS after reading amazing reviews on multiple trading forums, and I couldn’t be more satisfied! It offers me the best solution as I am not authorized to trade by myself as an hedge fund employee . The semi-auto trading service fits perfectly to my needs. The ability to pick and choose the trades I do/don’t want to follow is simply revolutionary! Keep up the amazing success rate!

Michael P. Hedge Fund VP Sales

I’ve retired 9 years ago after a long career in the steel industry. Once I retired, I knew I didn’t have to worry financially but I did fear getting lost in boredom… As financial markets were always an interest of mine but I lacked the time and knowledge, WINPIPS are the best solution for me. With a user-friendly and smart technology app, I am just one click away from being a part of the financial market. This keeps me connected and excited every day. I am proud to show my grandchildren that I am, and can call myself a trader.

Jeffrey S. Customer Service Representative

I stumbled upon WINPIPS’ website as I was looking for interesting web designs, totally by accident. As a 29 year old websites designer I didn’t know much about financial markets. My initial deposit was only $1000 to get a feel of the industry and how it works. I was amazed by the user-friendly apps and I can’t put my phone down for a minute because I am always waiting for the next winning signal to continue seeing my investment grow. I never imagined being a part of the financial market! I have already brought 8 friends through Pips Bring Friends and am now winning from both sides.

Freja K. Web Designer

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